Mrice M1 Award Winning Headphone - Yellow
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Mrice M1 Award Winning Headphone - Yellow

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One large span streamlined design, pure colors, smooth lines, sexy expression of beauty, mystery and temptation.

Sound quality is clear, pure, not deliberately rendering, modification, faithful performance of every note details, listen to performers and music every breath emotional ups and downs.

Open posts ear design, so that the listener is completely immersed in the music of the ocean. Protein fibers earmuffs, high air permeability ear cotton, so you enjoy great wearing comfort, reduce long-wearing sweat problem.

With 24 core wire oxygen copper, to ensure high standards of signal transmission.

Pluggable TPE headphone cable, portable, storage, removal and wear reducing inconvenience. 3.5mm gold-plated headphone plug uses surface treatment, low impedance, not easy to fade, scratch.

The stunning appearance, superior sound quality, comfortable to wear these past difficult integration of the needs of exquisite balance, M1 obtain a debut that is sure 2013iF Design Award. With nearly 60 years of history has been to both the iF design, innovation and practical, environmentally demanding world-famous. Every year, selected from entries from around the world show some remarkable works of design inspiration, its honorary awards. iF design award jury is composed of top international designers of contemporary composition, the jury not only take into account the product design and innovation, more attention is whether the product is practical, safe, and environmentally friendly.

M1 graceful lines with incredible imagination sketched out the future.
Incredible in-one wearing a large span created a bold break even silhouette, subtle detail treatment implies some kind of a little bohemian science fiction, known as a futuristic design. Beautiful lines (a fine-line) is designed M1 core of the most valuable property in the design of Medusa pure condensate whether black, white or enchanting hit color, with the graceful lines of the way, in the rigid geometric lines and clever transition between soft curves. Visual asymmetry generated by smooth lines has infinite charm, sexy people to express "beautiful ¡¤ mystery ¡¤ Temptation" unlimited reverie.



Driver units: 42 mm

Rated impedance: 32Q¡À20%

Sensitivity: 105 dB (at500Hz)

Frequency response: 50Hz-20KHz

Distortion: <2%94dB

Rated power: 20m\V

Maximum power: l00 mW

Applicable Products Desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet PC, notebook , Cellphone , MP3 , MP4 , Tablet PC , IPHONE 5S , IPHONE 5C , IPHONE 5 , IPHONE 4 , IPHONE 4S , IPHONE 3G , IPHONE 3GS , IPOD , IPAD





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